Telangana tops in productivity.


The Telangana state tops in the country with high productivity and working age group population.

A report by the central government agency Sample Registration System (SRS) in its Statistical Report-2020 has studied the population, and standard of living among others across the country in various towns and cities. The report said the Telangana state has got more working force and intellectual acumen. There are more people between 15-59, who constitute the working age population. They constitute 72 percent of the population. Among them, women constitute 72.3 percent while men constitute 71.7.

The report also observed that Telangana is the state where urbanisation is at a rapid pace compared to other states in the country. The national working age group is 67.1 percent and among them women account for 67.3 while males account for 66.8 percent. The Telangana state constitutes more than average in productive human resources around five percent more precisely.

The Telangana state was also successful in bringing down infant and women mortality drastically. The schemes such as KCR kits, Amma vodi, Arogya Laxmi and timely vaccines for pregnant women helped increase institutional deliveries that brought down infant and women mortality, the report said.

The state also effectively controlled population growth. The health services in Telangana are poised to be the best in the country further with the state government setting up medical colleges in every district headquarter and expanding and strengthening the hospital in the government sector.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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