Telangana state suffered a loss of rupees three lakh crore due to the Center’s inefficiency, CM KCR

The BJP government at the Centre proved itself to be very inefficient and infective to the people of the country. It failed to rise up to the expectations of the people of the country.
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressing a massive public meeting at Mahabubnagar on Sunday said the Telangana state suffered a loss of rupees three crore on account of centre’s inefficiency and discrimination.
Mr KCR inaugurated the newly built integrated district collectorate complex, TRS party office and launched several other development works.
Later addressing the public, he said no state can match Telangana in terms of welfare programmes. However, the central government was creating hurdles to derail the state government.
What a shame that Prime Minister Modi goes to West Bengal and tells chief minister Mamtha Benarjee that 40 of her party MLAs are in touch with his party. The BJP toppled the democratically elected governments in several states and is on the prowl in Telangana now. The people of the state should be vigilant as the BJP was trying to divide people on caste and religion basis and create unrest in the society.
The Centre is dodging to clarify the Krishna river water share of Telangana thus denying the opportunity to complete the pending irrigation projects in the district.
Since the formation of TRS government in the state, there is all-round development. The Mahabubnagar district was in a pathetic condition with people migrating to distant places for livelihood and endless barren lands with no water for irrigation and drinking purposes.
Now that is all past. None dreamed that there will be a medical college in the backward Mahabunagar district. Now, the erstwhile Mahabunagar district has got five medical colleges. The people in bordering Raichur of Karnataka urge their government to merge their villages in Telangana and so also those in neighbouring Maharashtra as well.
Mr KCR said for now the issue of shortage of drinking and irrigation water and the power problems were solved successfully. Every district once labeled as backward was developed by adding more infrastructure – be it drainage, roads, sanitation, new colleges, and markets among others.
Ministers Srinivas Goud, S Niranjan Reddy and V Prashanth Reddy, and several others were present.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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