Telangana IT exports register 31.44% growth, the exports value reaches Rs. 2.41 lakh crores

The IT exports this year amounted to Rs 2.41 lakh crore and 1,27,594 new jobs were created in Telangana state in 2022-23. IT Minister Mr KTR releasing the annual report of the IT sector at the T-Hub on Monday said that of every two IT jobs created in the country one in 2022-23, one is from Telangana state.

According to him, there was an increase of 31.44 percent in IT exports which is more than the national average of 9.36 and 16.2 per cent rise in jobs. Hyderabad city is competing with Bangalore city and Hyderabad topped in the office space demand. Mr KTR said when he said he would make Hyderabad a premier city for IT, many doubted but now the annual report of 2022-23 proves them wrong.

KTR said the industry friendly policies, building a brand image of Hyderabad city and the Telangana state, frequent interactions and follow up action of the state government made it possible. The central government did not help in any manner and instead scrapped the ITIR project sanctioned by the UPA government to Hyderabad city, he added.

Chief Minister KCR’s able and stable leadership has changed the very face of Hyderabad city and made it a most liveable city. The law and order was perfect and it made people from far and wide choose Hyderabad as their destination both for work and residential purpose, the minister said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao