Telangana erupts over Bandi Sanjay’s remarks on BRS MLC Kavitha

Hundreds of women across the state decried the remarks made by BJP MP Bandi Sanjay over BRS MLC K Kavitha. A number of cases were filed in police stations all over.

The BRS leaders condemned the distasteful remarks. Minister Sayavathi Rathod sought to know if the statements were his or the party line. He should refrain from making such comments and should mind his language.

Education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy described Sanjay’s comments as most uncharitable and unwarranted. She warned the BJP leader not to make such comments again. People of Telangana will not tolerate such remarks, she said.

Meanwhile, scores of women who tried to meet the Governor and submit a memorandum on the issue demanding action against the BJP leader were not allowed inside the Raj Bhavan. The security officials told Mayor G Vijayalaxmi and her party cadres there was no appointment given to them by the Governor.

The BRS leaders faulted the Governor for not allowing them to meet her. The Governor who said the doors of Raj Bhavan are always open to people has suddenly shut the doors to them.

The State Women’s Commission took up the case suo moto and directed the Director General of Police to inquire into the issue.

The BRS leaders who were enraged at the issue of summons to their leader K Kavitha by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) wanted to know if they were genuine.

The agency was acting at the behest of the BJP government. “Even before the ED issued any summons, the BJP leaders tell M Kavitha will get a summons and will go to jail. How come they know? Is there any match-fixing,” many BRS leaders including Ms. Kavitha posed.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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