Sailajanath repeats same old lies

While participating in the discussion on AP State Reorganization Bill 2013, Legislative affairs minister Sake Shailajanath indulged in the same Goebbels propaganda on Telangana statehood movement that several Seemandhra leaders have done in the past.

His speech was littered with half-truths and outright lies about history of AP and Telangana. These lies and half-truths were the same ones which were exposed several times in the past by Telangana protagonists.

Telangana legislators cutting across party lines gave a fitting reply to S. Shailajanath’s lies.

In fact anyone who watched Shailajanath’s speech in the Assembly yesterday would easily understand that the whole purpose of his nonsensical speech was to pass some time. That is why the minster deliberately wasted precious time with his silly gestures,  and was seen smiling for himself without rhyme or reason. He paused several times only to ensure he consumes his quota of time.

The biggest lie that Shailajanath uttered was that the Telangana Peasant Armed Struggle was waged for a united Andhra Pradesh. The simple fact is people of Telangana waged that struggle only to liberate themselves from Nizam’s rule.

While Telangana people bitterly opposed the merger with AP in 1950s [Read: Rare newsclips from 1st Telangana movement of 1950s], Shailajanath lied shamelessly that people of Telangana invited the Andhras for merger.

Another lie that Shailajanth parroted was that Telugu speaking population was united for several thousands of years in the past. Even this lie was proved wrong several times in the past. Barring a few hundred years, Telugus were never under a common rule.

Last but not the least, like every Seemandhra leader, Shailajanath also spoke like a typical colonialist. He said that it was the merger with Andhra which resulted in the ‘development’ of Telangana region.

Shailajanath’s speech has only confirmed that Seemandhra leaders are only continuing this “Samaikya” drama to fool people back home. They can never attain “Samaikyata” by uttering such lies and insulting Telangana people.


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