Rs 110 crore MNREGS funds of Telangana pending with the centre.

Panchayat Raj minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao has said the central government has not released the Rs 110 crore MNREGS funds for two months.
As a result the labour engaged in the scheme are not paid their wages. But the BJP state president B Sanjay exposed his ignorance, throwing the blame on the state government.
The minister said as many as 1.25 lakh labour are facing problems with inordinate delay in payment of wages due to the centre’s indifferent attitude. The centre did not deposit the amount due to labour since September 28.
The centre brought in new software which created more problems.
After the formation of Telangana, 12,769 panchayats were formed in total with the new panchayats. The centre is objected stating that labour are being shown in two panchayats and stopped payments. It is asking the labour to open new accounts while the post offices and banks are not cooperating. As it is taking time, the labour is put to hardship.
The centre should make payments within a week of submission of reports by the state government.
The BJP government must be hatching a conspiracy to unpopular the state government by stopping the release of MNREGS funds, the minister opined.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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