People were confused over the BJP candidate and his symbol in Munugode

A battery of reporters representing scores of media houses are making a beeline to know the pulse of people in Munugode. All they were getting were blunt replies from people. It is always very difficult to know the result of an election ahead, except in rare cases.

In many interviews people said they know the candidate but not symbol or they know the symbol but not the candidate. The confusion prevails over. The people of Munugode say they know hand symbol and car symbol only.
It clearly validates the statement made by TRS working president that the fight is between TRS and Congress in Munugode.

Mr KTR and all his party members were vocal in driving their point home that the election was forced by greedy BJP candidate. The BJP’s top leadership reportedly given up the fight as the party’s surveys reportedly indicated a humiliating defeat for BJP candidate.

The chief minister Mr KCR himself drafted for elected duties in Lenkalapalli village. He has been constantly monitoring the mood of people there. The Congress and BJP leaders are taking the election just like that but TRS is serious about the outcome. The party drafted many leaders for the campaign to ensure victory of the party.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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