Now Tamil Nadu locks horns with Mr Modi’s government over the devolution of funds.

The arguments of Telangana government over centre’s discrimination of states went deaf ears all these years. Now it is now the turn of Tamil Nadu which seriously warned the PM Modi’s not to provoke them to take extreme steps.

Former central minister and DMK senior leader Mr Raja said the tax from his state accounted for 6.5 percent. Nearly 10 per of tax is being collected from Tamil Nadu as GST but in return, the centre is giving a mere 1.2 percent which is discriminatory. The centre should remember that it was Tamil Nadu that is giving 6.5 percent as tax.

The minister said they demanded autonomous status for Tamil Nadu in the presence of PM Mr Modi last month and he again reiterated his demand for the same.

He accused the BJP government at Centre of discriminating against certain states. The BJP wants to impose Hindi as a common language which was uttered by none other than Union Home Minister Mr Amit Shah which is not acceptable to Tamil Nadu.

Mr Raja reminded that prominent Dravidian leader Sri Periyar fought for a separate Tamil Nadu nation which was later given up by the successive leaders. But they still want an autonomous state.

The attitude of BJP government is provoking people to take up the issue once again and launch a mass movement, he said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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