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No ‘dhan ki kami’ in India, only ‘man ki kami’: KCR’s speech captivates public in Nanded

Amid roaring chants of ‘Ab Ki Baar Kisan Sarkar’, Telangana CM KCR has made his presence strongly felt in Nanded, Maharashtra. In a first meeting of the BRS Party outside Telangana, KCR’s pitch for a pro-farmer government has resonated well with the people of Maharashtra.

As KCR spoke at length on various issues plaguing the country, the crowd at the huge public meeting were captivated by the oratory of KCR and his fluency in Hindi. 

Addressing the people of Maharashtra, CM said that he was very disheartened as Maharashtra has the highest number of farmer suicides. “Why are farmers committing suicides? What is the reason? We need to think. Therefore, the BRS Party’s first slogan is – ‘Ab Ki Baar Kisan Sarkar’.

Exuding confidence that if people don’t get divided on the name of flags, parties, or religion, KCR said that ‘Kisan Sarkar’ is very much possible. He added that whenever elections come, parties are winning and people are losing. It should be reversed. People and farmers should win this time.

KCR reminded the people that India is bestowed with abundant natural and human resources and has 50% cultivable land which is way ahead of the US (19%) and China (16%). But because of 75 years of misrule, we still don’t have water and electricity, he said. KCR added that Maharashtra has Godavari and coal, but still lacks water and electricity. 

KCR sought to know though many rivers originate from Maharashtra, why there was water scarcity in the state. “According to the Central Water Commission’s figures, around 50,000 TMC of water in the country drains into oceans. Only with the ‘Kisan Sarkar’ water will stop going into seas and reach the water-scarce regions in Maharashtra.” KCR said.

KCR used the occasion to slam the BJP on its prestigious program ‘Make In India’, “Make In India became a joke in India. If it worked, why are we using national flags, manja, diyas, colours imported from China. There are China Bazars in every town and city,” he said.

Listing out a slew of developmental and welfare programs initiated by the Telangana government, KCR said that people of Nanded should visit neighboring Adilabad and see for themselves. “When the schemes are possible in Telangana, why not in other states or in the country. Because there is no ‘Kisan Sarkar’ there,” he added.

Saying that there is no ‘dhan ki kami’ (lack of money) but only ‘man ki kami’ (lack of will), KCR urged the people to discuss and debate all the points raised at the meeting. “I want farmer suicides to stop, 24 hours electricity to all, water to every acre, etc. Get united and use your vote for yourself then everything will come,” KCR said. 

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