Mission Telangana

Mr Modi’s government comes up with another conspiracy, this time on welfare measures.

Describing and arguing that the welfare schemes as freebies and should be stopped, the BJP has hatched another plan against non-BJP political parties.

The plan is to contain the Opposition parties from coming to power again in view of ensuing elections in several states in the country. The states are being restricted not to announce any more welfare measures. In the name of economic management, the Centre had slashed the due allocations to the states.

This is against the spirit of democracy, particularly in India which pledged to be a welfare state. The welfare programmes by the states were aimed at helping the distressed and ill-fated people in their respective states.

The BJP is shamelessly describing the welfare schemes as freebies and is aimed at attracting people for political mileage by the political parties.

New Delhi chief minister Mr Aravind Kejriwal moved the Supreme Court on the issue and Telangana chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao too expressed his objection over the BJP’s attitude toward welfare schemes.

“When the ministers get free electricity and other comforts, why not a poor man get free power?” Mr Araving Kejriwal sought to know.

He also wanted to know why the BJP is opposed to free schemes for the poor, and how come it waived Rs 20 lakh crore loans to corporate companies. There was no answer from the BJP.

The BJP is trying to gain a monopoly in politics in the country. It is instigating communal violence in states where it is weak and restricting popular parties like TRS in the name of reforms.

It may be noted that soon several states are going for polls – Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and some North Eastern states.

As some states like Telangana were giving free power, pensions, and support to farmers, the BJP is fearing that political parties in those states will come to power once again and this should be stopped to help the BJP only.

Even the most advanced countries such as France, Finland, Belgium, Italy, and Denmark which are believed to be prosperous have poverty and they too offer several welfare schemes to people such as free health care and pensions.

People of Telangana are seeing through the nefarious designs of the BJP and would teach a lesson at an appropriate time.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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