Mr Modi is my good friend, but I call a spade a spade, CM Mr KCR.

Telangana CMMr K Chandrasekhar Rao has said he was boycotting the NITI Ayog meeting scheduled on Sunday in New Delhi in protest.

He said he was against the Central government policies and its attitude towards the States. There was no use attending the meeting of NITI Ayog when its recommendations are not honoured by the Central government.

The NITI Ayog asked the Centre to grant Rs 5,000 crore to Mission Kakatiya and Rs 19,000 crore for Mission Bhagiratha after inspecting the schemes. But the BJP government did not release a single rupee.

The chief minister revealed that Telangana government mobilised Rs 1.90 lakh crore and spent it in the last year. All that the state got was Rs 5,000 crore from Centre under its sponsored schemes.

The governance in the country was totally derailed by the wrong policies and priorities of the BJP government. Unrest and intolerance reached peaks. The rupee value declined drastically, inflation is rising, farmers and MNREGS labour are protesting and unemployment reached the highest ever 8.1 percent.

Mr KCR sought to know what good did the NITI Ayog or the BJP government do to the country and its people.

The chief minister urged Prime Minister Mr Modi to withdraw GST on beedi workers, crematorium services, weavers, and milk which is nothing but barbarous.

The BJP diluted democracy, cooperative federalism, and constitutional institutions. Opposition parties are not being taken into confidence even while taking important decisions such as amendments to service rules of All India Services.

Moreover, the BJP president says there will be single-party rule in the country soon. This shows how arrogant the BJP leaders are. Religious processions such as Hanuman Jayanthi are being used for politics by the BJP. Is this cooperative federalism or imperialism?,CM KCR sought to know.

The chief minister also wanted to know why the NPAs rose from Rs 2.61 lakh crore in 2004-2005 to over Rs 20 lakh crore now. It is a big scandal and collusion between officials and politicians. “The BJP which made a hue and cry over 2G spectrum should tell if the 5G spectrum auction is transparent,” he said.

Mr KCR also found fault with the Centre opposing the freebies. He said it was the responsibility of the welfare State to be humane towards the distressed and ill-fated persons. The orphans, disabled, single women, senior citizens, and beedi workers were among those who get pensions in the state.

He announced that Telangana government has decided to sanction 10 lakh new pensions taking the total to 46 lakh people for Aasara pensions. The new pensions will be paid from August 15.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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