MLC K Kavitha furious over BJP MP Aravind’s remarks.

TRS senior leader and MLC K Kavitha lashed out at BJP MP D Aravind over his caustic remarks against her.
She said she would give him a slap with slippers if he continued with his tirade against her. The BJP MP seems to have lost his mental balance and resorted to cheap talk against CM KCR and his family members very often for no reason.
She said she never criticised anybody personally but talked only on issues. But now she was forced to talk against the unscrupulous MP who thinks he achieved a big trophy winning the seat by fluke.
The TRS took in its stride the defeat in Nizamabad Parliament but the BJP MP is still on moon as if achieved something great.
Irate fans of K Kavitha vandalised the residence of MP while some others took to streets organising protest meetings. The BJP cadre too organised protests across the state.
The issue heated up the political atmosphere in the state.
BJP MP was known for his bad tongue, always abusing the CM KCR and his family members using very cheap language unfit for an MP.
He exudes false confidence of retaining the seat unmindful of public pulse.
He should realise that by mere cheering of the public with cheap talk aimed at CM KCR and his family, he cannot garner votes. People are averse to any criticism against Mr KCR which he should realise. The bunch of supporters surrounding him may cheer but in general, public view is completely different, which he should realise.
Mr Aravind also made unwarranted remarks against police. Better he controls his tongue if he dreams big in a political career.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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