KTR takes exception to the union minister over fuel price advisory to states.



The Telangana government has not increased VAT on petrol and diesel since the formation of the state.
Minister Mr KTR was responding to a tweet by union minister Hardeep Singh. Earlier Mr Modi said some non BJP states including Telangana should reduce the VAT to unburden people. The Minister said they have not increased value added tax (VAT) on fuel since formation.
The chief minister KCR also clarified at plenary that they only rounded off prices by few paise following recommendations of officials but never hiked prices.
On the other hand, in 2014, when the price of crude oil was $ 105, the price of petrol was Rs 70 per litre. Even now, when crude oil is available at the same price, the centre increased petrol by more than Rs 120 per litre.
Is the increase not due to increased excise duties by your government, the non-performing asset (NPA) government at the center? Mr KTR sought to know.
If you, who say morals to other states, completely abolish the cess raised by the Center and  you can offer diesel to the people of India for 70 rupees and 60 rupees. It would be better if you tell this to your Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Isn’t it true that from the time you came into government till now, Rs 26 lakh crore has been collected from  the people in the form of cess?, Mr KTR wanted to know.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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