KTR slams PM Modi over his speech in Warangal

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Party Working President and Minister K.T. Rama lashed out at Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi stating that the PM’s speech, during the Warangal tour, is a bundle of lies. KTR said that instead of saying what the BJP-led Central Government has done for Telangana in the last nine years, the PM’s speech only focused on criticising the State government. “People of Telangana will reject BJP for all the injustices that were meted out to the State in the last nine years,” KTR said.

He said that providing a railway repair shop in the place of Kazipet Coach Factory was indeed an insult to the people of Telangana. The Minister said that ignoring the demand for Kazipet Coach Factory, the Modi government sanctioned a Rs. 20,000 crore worth locomotive factory for Gujarat. “People of Telangana are observing the negligence and discriminatory attitude of the Prime Minister in fulfilling the pending promises and addressing the demands. People will teach a befitting lesson to the BJP at the right time,” KTR said.

Responding to the PM’s allegations on government job recruitment, the Minister said, “The irony is while the Telangana government filled more than 1,20,000 government jobs, the central government failed to fill 16 lakh vacancies in the central government and privatised the jobs in public sector undertakings.” KTR added that Telangana’s youth will never forgive PM Modi’s betrayal of scrapping the ITIR project.

The Minister observed that it would have been apt if PM Modi responded to the bills pending with the governor Tamilisai Soundarrajan. “Before preaching the State government, the Prime Minister should first fill the vacancies in central universities,” KTR said. The BRS Party Working President reminded the Prime Minister that unlike any State in the country, the Telangana government spent Rs. 1.25 lakhs on every student studying in the Gurukul educational institutions.

KTR took a jibe at the PM saying that one should muster a lot of courage to speak lies like Modi. He demanded to know the status of the Prime Minister’s assurances to double farmers’ income. KTR said that it was inappropriate for the Prime Minister to speak about the agriculture sector given he introduced harmful farm laws that led to the unfortunate deaths of 700 farmers. He said that Modi should know that Telangana became a role model to the country by leading in all indicators including food grain production, increased area of cultivation, revolution in irrigation, farmers welfare schemes. The BRS Working President demanded to know why a decision to waive off farmers loans was not taken despite having an opportunity, especially after Rs 12.5 lakh crores in loans for corporate cronies.

Though the Telangana government put in all efforts and was ready to establish Tribal University, the centre obstructed it depriving thousands of tribal and adivasi youth of higher education opportunities, said KTR.

Reacting to Modi’s statements about family rule and corruption, he said that hereditary politics can be seen in several BJP ruled States and in Modi’s cabinet too. KTR said that Telangana leadership considers Telangana as a family, all the people in the State as part of the family and works for their comprehensive development.

Brushing away the Prime Minister’s statements that enquiry will be conducted by central agencies on the alleged corruption of the State government, KTR said that they have nothing to fear from the central government agencies and that the State government and its leadership does not fear such threats. The BRS Working President said that the State government will work for Telangana’s development and realise the aspirations of its people.