KTR slams opposition leaders, calls them political pygmies

Calling opposition leaders Kishan Reddy and Revanth Reddy political pygmies, BRS Working President KTR said these leaders don’t have the stature to fight with KCR who risked his life, fighting for Telangana statehood. He also added that Kishan Reddy was someone who ran away when asked to resign during the Telangana movement, and Revanth Reddy was a thief who was caught red-handedly in the vote for note case.

Slamming the Congress party, KTR said, “Telangana people don’t need parties who sell seats and buy votes.” “Congress will win in 10 places and then Revanth Reddy will take these MLAs and join BJP after the election,” he added. KTR also said that the Congress in Telangana was functioning under RSS leader Revanth Reddy. KTR said that the Punjab former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi questioning why an RSS leader was made the Chief of the Congress Party in Telangana.

Talking about the current problems people faced during Congress rule, KTR said that it was ironic that Congress leaders are speaking about these problems now. He said that industries no longer give power holidays and people at their homes don’t suffer from current problems. “Congress leaders like KomatiReddy Venkat Reddy said that he would resign if we prove current being provided for 24 hrs in the State. We will arrange buses for all the Congress leaders. Let them come and hold current wires and check for themselves,” said KTR.

“Revanth Reddy is a leader who said three-hour current supply was sufficient for the farmers in our state,” said KTR. He asked the people to recollect Congress days when farmers were deprived of many benefits, apart from current and water problems, inadequate supply of seeds and fertilizers, and many more. KTR said that public representatives feared venturing into villages in summers during congress times as people protested on roads with empty pots, demanding for drinking water.

Comparing CM KCR and PM Modi, KTR said, CM KCR was giving Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bheema, and uninterrupted and free electricity to the farmers, while PM Modi promised to double farmers’ income by 2022 but did nothing. “PM Modi doubled farmers’ problems, and not farmers’ income,” said KTR. He added that farmer income could be doubled only by introducing farmer-friendly schemes and policies, and not by speaking high-rhetoric.

“BJP says BRS is Congress’ B team and Congress says BRS is BJP’s B team. But these people should realize that BRS is A team of people of Telangana,” said KTR. He also said that the BJP was bringing money from Adani and Congress was bringing money from Karnataka to win over CM KCR in Telangana. Take that money but vote for BRS, he added.

BRS Working President KTR made the above comments while addressing the gatherings in Shadnagar, Raviryal, Vikarabad, and Kukatpally constituencies where he participated in various development works.

In these meetings, KTR highlighted the growth that took place in Telangana State in the last nine years under the leadership of CM KCR. KTR said that CM KCR in the past nine years had introduced farmer-friendly schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, and Rythu Bheema, and supported weaker sections by introducing the Kalyana Lakshmi program, distributed KCR Kits. He added that CM KCR had set up 1001 Gurukula schools in the state. He also said that CM KCR will be launching a breakfast scheme for children on October 6, 2023.

KTR said that the Telangana Government is giving top priority to the green revolution (agriculture), white revolution (milk production), blue revolution (fisheries), pink revolution (meat), and yellow revolution (edible oil) to make the State self-reliant. Today Telangana is showing the path to the nation, KTR said.