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KTR puts late-comers on notice

Minister for Panchayat Raj and IT K.T. Rama Rao has warned Secretariat employees against coming late to office, and said severe action will be taken against lax employees. He said biometrics will soon be introduced in the IT department which will also be extended to other departments after the Chief Minister’s approval.

Surprise check
He conducted a surprise check on the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development sections in the D Block of the Secretariat on Thursday at 10.50 a.m., and found only four employees in the section, of the total of 21.

He was angry on not finding even Section Officers and wondered what kind of example they were setting for their subordinates. He enquired with Principal Secretary Raymond Peter about employees’ work and punctuality and asked the employees arriving late, to report to Mr. Peter.

“Indiscipline won’t be tolerated”
Speaking to the media after the visit, Mr. Rao said though the government is employee-friendly, indiscipline and lack of punctuality would not be tolerated. He reminded the promise by employees to work overtime for Telangana’s reconstruction, and said he expected an active role by employees in fulfilling people’s hopes, a press release informed.

Source: The Hindu

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