KTR asks farmers to decide between Modi and KCR

IT minister Mr KTR has asked the farmers of Munugode to decide if they wanted Modi who wanted to fix meters to agricultural motors or Mr KCR who is giving Rythu Bandhu and free power. In a teleconference with the Munugode constituency’s farmers, the minister said Modi government wants to privatise the power sector thus depriving the farmers of free power. It would result in increased charges just like fuel prices.

The minister said the state government is spending RS 10,500 crore for free power and Rs 58,000 crore for Rythu Bandhu scheme. He asked the farmers not to forget the change that happened during the past eight years. Compared the constituency how was it some time ago and how it is now. Even during the Corona pandemic, CM KCR ensured that every grain from the farmers is procured to help them sustain themselves in periods of crisis.

Mr KTR said if BJP wins the seat, all the welfare programmes of farmers will be scrapped and procurement of agricultural produce will go into the hands of private parties resulting in untold misery for the farmers.

Hence it was time to decide if farmers wanted Modi or KCR. If they strengthened the hands of CM Mr KCR, the farmers would get more welfare schemes in the future in addition to the existing ones, he added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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