Massive turnout of public at Husnabad indicates imminent victory of BRS

Huge crowds turned up at the public meeting at Husnabad constituency, the first meeting of the Chief Minister Mr KCR in this assembly election campaign. The enthusiasm among people indicated the public mood and imminent victory of the party. Mr KCR who started his election campaigns from here in 2014 and 2018 has chosen this constituency once again.

Addressing the relentlessly cheering crowds, he said the vote is their weapon and it should be used wisely. They should not get misguided by people who shower impractical promises. Those who have ruled the country for over five decades are now asking for one chance. How could they be believed as they have let down people who gave them ten chances?, he sought to know.

Mr KCR has asked farmers and people to recall those bad days when there was no power, no water and fields dried everywhere. There was hopelessness and desperation all over. Through hard work and vision, we could build good days and there is still a lot more to do.

Now there is increased groundwater, enough power supply and a friendly government. Farmers are happy and agricultural production is beyond our expectations. However, development is a continuous process. People in Husnabad want Gouravelli project to be completed. “I will take it up and complete it in six months. With all your blessings, I will come in this same position to release water from the project,” he said.

The Shanigaram project main canal needs some repairs and stabilisation. If these projects could be completed, over one lakh acres of land can be irrigated. He said he wished people to think of the days of lack of drinking water even to the cattle. The dry Chigurumamidi mandal was now turned green.

The Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya have helped improve the standard of living of people.
“All this is not enough and I know it. But to continue this good work, we need a strong government with commitment and vision. You should bless this BRS party to let it keep going,” Mr KCR said.

The BRS president also outlined the welfare schemes launched by his government. He promised people to enhance pensions in the days to come. He appealed to people to elect their MLA V Satish Kumar once again with a huge majority retaining his good services. The BRS government will take care of their demands for big bus stand, junior colleges and national highways among others.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao