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Jubilant slogans, music echo through Hyderabad streets

HYDERABAD: Minutes after the Rajya Sabha passed the Telangana Bill, Hyderabadis rushed out of their homes to burst crackers and distribute sweets as lingering doubts on whether the contentious Bill would be passed in Parliament was finally laid to rest. “We are overjoyed today as finally our dreams will come true,” said 65-year-old RS Rao, retired government officer in Begumpet.

Most residents across the city were euphoric and people were seen calling up their loved ones to spread the news and to celebrate the coming of the day for which they had been waiting eagerly. Private functions were held in community halls near Towlichowki, with families gathering to celebrate with dance, music and delicacies.

Cries of joy echoed through the streets, with several supporters and activists waving flags and shouting slogans from atop trucks. Bikers zoomed across the roads holding up flags while T ballads kept blaring through loudspeakers in shops, autos and private vehicles.

“People of Telangana will now prove to the country that the T cause was just. The development which is going to come in the state would shock the world,” said P Madhusudan Reddy, a government college lecturer, who has been struggling for the statehood cause since his boyhood.

Osmania University, the hotbed of Telangana agitation, once again celebrated their victory, with student leaders distributing sweets in hostels. A crowd from all hostels gathered at the historic Arts College to celebrate together. “This is a victory for the students who gave up their lives for the sake of the movement. This is also a victory of those who fought for it day and night,” said M Krishnak, spokesperson, OU-TSJAC.

For the younger lot, it was the culmination of the battle which their forefathers began. “It’s a historic moment. Its time to recognize that the Telangana movement was a people’s movement which brought together people from all walks of life under a common banner. This victory should provide a boost for other people’s movements in the country,” said Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu, a young entrepreneur and RTI activist.

Celebrations were also held in Nizam College, University of Hyderabad and English and Foreign Languages University, with students breaking out in dance to the beat of revolutionary music. “We have been celebrating since the time the Bill was passed in Lok Sabha. We dedicate this victory to the student martyrs of Telangana,” said S Harinath from Telangana Students Association, University of Hyderabad.

Social networking sites too were flooded with ‘Jai Telangana’ sentiment. “Once again great reverence towards Osmania students. Bowing down to them with tears,” a Facebook post by Praveen Kumar Bandaru, a Telangana supporter, said. “It is officially done. Now I am in Telangana State… Feeling more responsible,” said another post by Harathi Vageeshan, lecturer at Nalsar.

Near the Telangana Bhavan, TRS supporters were seen beating drums and holding aloft pictures of their leader K Chandrasekhar Rao. Several of them predicted a huge win for the party in the ensuing elections. “We will win big and will contribute to a stronger country,” said a supporter, his face smeared with pink.

For most, it was only the beginning of a new era. “It’s only the beginning. It’s about time to bring in a people’s Telangana,” said Azad, a student leader of OU.

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