It is like a street fighter talking.

Prime Minister Mr Modi who addressed two meetings in Telangana on Saturday spoke like inviting an enemy into the fighting ring.
Unmindful of his position and stature, he went on attacking the ruling TRS party in the state with the same rhetoric. Either he was unaware of the emotions and feelings of the Telangana people or was fed wrongly by his local BJP leaders.
Stressing each sentence, again and again, he went on saying they would catch everyone involved in corruption or misusing power which in fact was the hallmark of the BJP across the country.
“Who is the enemy? Who is corrupt? Who is anti-democratic?,” no answers to these questions.
Mr Modi’s speech reflected a kind of frustration and he even went on downplaying the defeat in the recent Munugodu election hailing his party cadre. He praised them for putting up a great fight. What an irony!
The BJP leaders including Mr Modi who point a finger at Mr KCR for his speech resorted to threats, abuses, and use of demeaning language.
One wonders why Mr Modi developed so much vehemence against the ruling TRS party and a kind of vengefulness. One was clueless about what would Mr Modi achieve by hurling profanities at Mr KCR and his family.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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