Historic day of Telangana is remembered


This day will go down in the history of Telangana as the then separate Telangana movement leader Mr KCR decided to sacrifice his life for the cause of separate statehood to Telangana region in 2009. He was forcibly admitted into hospital and forced to give up his fast unto death protest by the police. There was a virtually unannounced emergency all over Telangana. The universities were shut down and hostels vacated and students were thrown out following massive support to KCR deeksha.
The central government was forced to come down with a massive protest and outburst of people of Telangana. The then home minister Mr Chidamdaram announced formation of a separate Telangana state.
But it was short lived as the leaders from Andhra conspired against it and it took another five years of struggle to realise the dream.
It was just because of KCR’s efforts that a separate Telangana was possible and he will be remembered even forever by the people. He put an end to 60 years of aspiration of people for separate Telangana. He endured all humiliations and faced several conspiracies but his grit and indomitable spirit delivered the promise to Telangana people.
Even after the formation of a separate Telangana state, heading the government, Mr KCR  proved himself as able and best chief minister in the country with various development and welfare programmes.

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