‘Current shock’ to Congress on social media

Prolonged power cuts and frequent outages have become the norm in Telangana after the Congress assumed power in the state. Every day, the Telangana State Power Distribution Company Limited’s (TGSPDCL) ‘X’ account receives numerous complaints from consumers about electricity issues.

Surprisingly, rather than solving the issues and addressing their concerns, it is alleged that the discom’s employees are harassing complainants. When consumers post about a power cut in their house or locality, they are being asked to share their USC number or mobile number via direct message. It is reported that upon obtaining the address, electricity department employees are arriving at the complainant’s doorstep and asking them to delete posts about power cuts.

It is also alleged that some employees are using coercive measures against consumers. Shockingly, in the case of tenants, the issue is escalated to the owners of the house, and there are threats of adding additional charges to the electricity bill.

Recently, a woman from Hyderabad shared her bitter experience with the discom’s employees, where she was reportedly harassed for raising a complaint about power cuts. According to her, the distribution company’s staff arrived at her home and asked her to delete the post. 

With the increasing number of such incidents, people are now taking to social media to share similar experiences. Many consumers were asked by linemen or other staff to delete their complaints and were also warned not to post such complaints further on ‘X’. It is said that, as a damage control tactic, linemen are being forced by higher-ups to make the complainants delete their posts.

Furthermore, it appears that the Congress government is heavily rattled by these ‘current shocks’ on social media. Today, TGSPDCL’s Assistant Engineer filed a police complaint against a woman journalist named Revathi, who escalated the grievance of a woman allegedly harassed by the electricity department. She was booked just for sharing the ordeal of a woman terrorized by the approach of the officials.

Additionally, a few months back, it was reported that TGSPDCL hired a PR agency to attack consumers who lodged complaints on ‘X’. After the outrage, the discom stepped back and deleted all the bot accounts that targeted the complainants.

In light of these unfortunate events, people are now advising TGSPDCL and the Congress government that instead of harassing citizens, they should resolve the electricity issues and provide an uninterrupted power supply like the previous BRS regime.