CM KCR monitors the flood situation round the clock; converts Pragathi Bhavan into a control room.


For the last four consecutive days, the chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao has been restlessly monitoring the flood situation in the state. He has been guiding and instructing the public representatives and officials continuously. They were put on their toes virtually.

Mr KCR has been regularly calling up the officials and ministers and instructing them about steps to be taken to prevent the loss of lives and property. On Wednesday, he called up Mr Indrakaran Reddy who was overseeing the flood at Kadem project, and inquired about the situation there which once posed a great danger. People in 12 villages were evacuated to safety and shifted to rehabilitation centres.

The chief minister wanted the officials to keep coal stocks enough for one month and wherever possible opt for thermal power production.

He also extended holidays to all educational institutions by another three days following the rain situation which is likely to continue going by the IMD predictions.

Mr KCR asked all the collectors and SPs to stay put at ground level and monitor the situation. He wanted them to shift those living in low-lying areas to rehabilitation centres immediately.

This is very unusual that the river Godavari received so much flood water in the second week of July. Following this, the CMO was put on alert mode, and CM office became a war room working round the clock directing the officials and ministers of all districts.

The officials say July month witnessed the highest rainfall in 34 years and at 30 places, a rainfall of 20 cm was recorded. The rain is likely to continue till July 15.

Chief minister Mr KCR asked Transport minister P Ajay Kumar to stay at Bhadrachalam and monitor the river Godavari flood situation and shift those in trouble.

He also closeted with Agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy and discussed the breaches to streams, reservoirs, and tanks. He wanted the minister to take immediate steps to repair them temporarily.

Mr KCR also wanted him to keep seeds and fertilisers ready for farmers once the flood situation recedes and they are ready for sowing crops.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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