BJP’s way is like empty vessels making much noise.

Leaving all decency to the winds, the BJP leaders and union ministers are touring Telangana going hammer and tongs that their party is responsible for development here.

They are unleashing false propaganda misleading people and demeaning the ruling TRS party and its contribution. The Union Finance Minister Ms Niramala Sitaraman said the Telangana government borrowed huge sums from various agencies at a higher rate of interest for Kaleswaram project. It doubled the estimates, she alleged. But in fact, the PIB of Central government earlier made it clear that Telangana borrowed Rs 85,000 crore from NABARD at the lowest interest rate.

Another claim by the BJP is their government sanctioned 11 lakh gas connections under Ujjwala Yojana. The BJP government sanctioned nine crore gas connections but it only gave 11 lakh gas connections to Telangana as against the proportionate 35 lakh connections.

The BJP leaders claim that Mr Modi gave Rs 7,500 crore to 40 lakh farmers in Telangana under PM Kisan. It was Mr KCR who is giving Rs 10,000 per acre and so far disbursed Rs 60,000 crore whereas the Central government gave only Rs 7,500 crore under its scheme. It is a copied scheme of Rythu Bandhu introduced by Mr KCR.

The BJP leader claimed that the Centre sanctioned 16 railway projects, nine new lines, and seven doubling project works worth Rs 31,281 crore. But in reality, no fund was allocated to any new railway projects in Telangana. All that the BJP leader claim belonged to past years and they still harp on the same misinforming people.

The TRS leaders said the BJP leaders have been telling people that they gave two lakh houses to Telangana. But in fact, Centre gave just 25,000 houses on average per year. The BJP went back on its promise of providing housing to the poor. It did not even make any attempt to fulfill its promise of housing for every poor family.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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