BJP rolls out red carpet only to capitalists not to mass leaders

Are you worth crores? Welcome to BJP. This is the method being adopted by the party that speaks of its lofty ideals. Be it Eatala Rajender or G Vivek or Konda Visheswara Reddy or now K Rajagopal Reddy – all are businessmen and worth crores.

They are all being embraced by the BJP’s top leadership with all smiles. The BJP does not want leaders with a mass base and public patronage. They only want rich people. Because they would fund their own election and even donate hugely to the party fund or grease the palms of top leaders too.

The sources indicate that there was a transfer of Rs 59.95 crore from G Vivek’s Vishaka company to Sushee Infra belonging to K Rajagopal Reddy. There was a transfer of Rs 10 crore to Jamuna Hatcheries of Eatala Rajender from G Vivek’s company. They were all not mentioned in the affidavit but were shown as advances for the purchase of land. They do not reflect in the balance sheet of Vivek’s company.

People are questioning how come Mr K Rajagopal Reddy trading the public faith for money. It was the people of Munugode who gave him political life but now he was trading it for his benefit which is immoral and nothing but duping the same people who patronised him for a long. Mr Rajagopal Reddy himself admitted that the BJP government offered him a huge contract of Rs 18,000 crore.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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