BJP fails to keep up its promise to farmers

As many as 11 fertiliser factories were closed down in the country. The Modi government promised to revive and reopen all of them in 2014 but only three were made operational.
The Ramagundam factory was reopened with the great initiative of Telangana government.
However, Mr Modi is claiming credit for it.
The one at Gorakhpur is working only for 15 days as there was shortage of water and power, the hallmark of double engine sircar effect.
For the Ramagundam factory, the Telangana government paid an equity of Rs 160 crore and spent Rs 80 crore for laying Mission Bhagiratha pipes to ensure water supply. It also spent rs 14 crore worth power lines as well besides offering subsidies. Since the revival work began the state government spent Rs 600 crore.
But the BJP leaders shamelessly claim it was their work. The much promised fertilisers by Mr Modi to the farmers in the country still remains a distant dream.
The Ramagundam factory started operations one year ago but Mr Modi came the other day to inaugurate it again without rhyme and reason. The agenda behind his sudden visit was something else and he severely attacked the ruling party using the occasion before leaving for Delhi.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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