Beware of conspiracies against Telangana once again, Council Chairman Gutha Sukhender Reddy.

The forces from Andhra and New Delhi are trying to destabilise Telangana and capture power, said council Chairman G Sukhender Reddy.
Urging people that there is no use in opposing the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who dedicated his life for the cause of separate Telangana, he said Y S Sharmila is adopted daughter of BJP while Bandi Sanjay and Revanth Reddy are also pawns in the hands of Andhra leaders.
The people of Telangana are aware of discrimination from Andhra rulers and witnessed extremism, land encroachment gangs, rowdyism, curfews and communal tensions.
From 1956 to 2014, the Telangana people were deprived and denied of their share in jobs, water and development.
Since the leaders from Andhra on one side and New Delhi leaders from another side are on the prowl, the people of Telangana should strengthen the hands of Mr KCR to protect themselves and their self respect.
Mr Sukhender Reddy also faulted the Governor for her support to anti KCR parties and leaders. She should uphold the decency and decorum of the office of the Governor.
He also faulted the leaders Y S Sharmila, Bandi Sanjay, Revanth Reddy and others and urged them to desist from making personal remarks against KCR and his party leaders.
Bandi Sanjay is talking without any knowledge or basis. It is most unfortunate to have such leaders eager to grab power by misguiding people of Telangana.
Mr Sukhender Reddy once again appealed to people not to be carried away by the Andhra leaders and BJP leaders else Telangana will plunge into darkness again.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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