Ashok Babu’s Samaikya JAC idea flops

Attempts to create a Samaikyandhra Political JAC by APNGO leader Ashok Babu took a severe beating as political parties expressed their unwillingness to join such a JAC.

The disunity in the so-called Samaikyandhra camp is only widening day by day. Political parties, organizations and activists are accusing each other publicly. Accusations of power mongering and corruption are flying thick and fast.

APNGO leader Ashok Babu convened a meeting of all political parties and leaders opposing Telangana, a couple of days back. Ironically, YSRCP, which is in the forefront of anti-Telangana agitation chose not to attend the meeting. Even MIM boycotted that meeting.

When Ashok Babu proposed that all forces fighting against Telangana should come together under a Joint Action Committee, leaders of TDP & Congress also expressed their reluctance to join it.

In fact the disunity within APNGOs itself is increasing day by day. A break away group of APNGOs under the leadership of Jafer, has leveled serious allegations over Ashok Babu. They say Ashok Babu is a stooge of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and is only sabotaging the Samaikyandhra movement.

Several veteran APNGO leaders also allege that Ashok Babu is highly selfish and is only interested in furthering his political ambitions.

Rival faction of Ashok Babu is leaving no stone unturned to defeat him in the APNGO employee union elections slated to be held shortly.

Ugly scenes were witnessed while Ashok Babu’s group and his rival Basheer panel filed nominations  for elections yesterday. Both groups exchanged angry slogans. Basheer’s panel members shouted slogans that Ashok Babu has mortgaged the Samaikyandhra agitation for his selfish goals.

Basheer’s panel members questioned why Ashok Babu, who claimed he would lead a Million March if Telangana bill is tabled in Assembly, is sitting silent now.

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika leader Lakshmana Reddy shot off letter to APNGO leader Ashok Babu yesterday. Lakshmana Reddy questioned the rationale behind Ashok Babu hobnobbing with Congress and TDP parties, which are openly supporting state division.

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