APNGO leaders terrorizing Seemandhra employees

Having failed to extract any concession from the state and central governments even after two months, APNGO leaders are now terrorizing Seemandhra employees to stop them from attending offices.

Photo: APNGO leaders assault an employee of Dept of Sericulture in Madanapally, Chittoor

As the Seemandhra employee strike has already crossed 2 months, several employees are facing severe financial crisis and have started attending duties since last week.

But the leadership of APNGOs, who are desperately looking for a face saving exit from the strike, are now intimidating the employees who are attending duties.

Several cases of APNGO leaders attacking fellow employees are now being reported from Seemandhra.

Photo: APNGO leaders damage motorbikes of Seemandhra employees who attended the office in Madanapally, Chittoor

Photo: APNGOs damage furniture in a government office

Photo: APNGOs damage the window panes of Dept of Sericulture office in Chittoor district

Photo: A govt office vandalized by APNGOs in Madanapally, Chittoor

In Madanapally town of Chittoor district, APNGO leaders attacked Rural Development Dept office, Civil Supplies Dept office, Social Welfare dept office. They damaged furniture, computers and stationery in these offices and also physically assaulted the employees, who were on duty.

APNGO leaders then proceeded to ESI office and damaged the window panes. Here too they broke the chairs and computers. They hit the employees, who were attending the office with chairs.

Same scene was repeated at Department of Sericulture office. The APNGOs assaulted on employees and even damaged their two-wheelers here.

The police personnel, who were manning these offices, did nothing to stop the APNGO attack. This proves yet again the direct support of AP state government to the APNGO leaders.

It is high time that the UPA government sack the CM and restore normal life in Seemandhra.

Photos courtesy: Eenadu

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