An Altruistic Telangana Political Identity

By: J R Janumpalli

The sinister nexus of wily ‘Naidu duo’, their influence in the Central government and also the perfunctory attitude of Modi towards Telangana makes us worry, hence, the Telangana government has to be doubly cautious, suggests the writer J R Janumpalli

Telangana region had a checkered history. Its liberation from Nizam by military action and its Communist background gave the Centre certain element of condescension towards it. The discrimination is quite apparent in its long campaign for statehood. There were several agreements, plans and formulas modified at regular intervals. They were all flouted with disdain by the dominant Andhra administration. The Central government never bothered to oversee the implementation of any of them. Whenever there were protests, Central government would support Andhra government to suppress the agitations. About 1600 youth have laid down their lives for liberation from this majority tyranny.

In the present chapter, both Congress and BJP, have played their self-seeking politics with Telangana sentiment and had reneged on it many a time -provoking TRS to undertake an uncompromising agitation since 2001. The congress under duress declared Telangana state on 9 December 2009 in Parliament. But, again went back because of Andhra politicians’ volte-face and tormented Telangana people for 4 long years.1200 of its youth have committed suicide for the non-implementation of the declaration. Congress gave a state of Telangana, at the fag-end of the Parliament session with several unconstitutional restrictions to it, while bestowing several excessive concessions to Seemandhra as if it is the underdog. The behaviour of Congress and BJP in the final act of adopting the T-Bill in Parliament speaks volumes of their bias to Seemandhra. That is the treatment of the Centre for Telangana whichever party is in power there. It cannot be different now. Therefore, now getting a State is not the end of troubles for Telangana. The people have to survive the 10 year long joint- capital in the company of the seemandhras, who are scheming to stay – put in Hyderabad and play vexatious politics to make Hyderabad a ‘UT’. There are several contentious issues in the reorganisation Act in small print, detrimental to Telangana. There will be a war of attrition on them. The centre as usual will be helping the profligate seemandhra. Telangana is only like a political orphan to it. For, it does not have the numbers or resources to please the behemoth at the Centre.

“The leadership of Telangana and the people, both should become tough, pragmatic and artful to realise the benefit of the new State “
Now that Telangana has elected TRS with absolute majority, the government should work for the interest of Telangana people alone. It should be free from the suzerainty of any other political entity as in the past. It should challenge the restrictions in the Act – in the parliament or in the courts or with the Central government. And disentangle the fetters one by one to make the state full-fledged at the earliest possible. The setback in the merged state and the present needs of Telangana State should be identified fastidiously. A systematic development plan is to be prepared and grounded methodically and transparently. The most important aspects of rebuilding of the new state are Employment, Power, Irrigation and Industrialisation in which areas Telangana was deliberately pushed backwards. The other areas such as social welfare, education, health and technological development should be promoted simultaneously.Whatever is done, it should be done, keeping the feet firmly on the ground. No grandiose visions which will end in disappointment. The State needs to be different to fulfil the aspirations of people, which were long suppressed and also those now stoked up. But, we cannot create an economic or political model radically different from other states. It should be within the frame work of larger political and economic system of the country and deliver the promised goods.

The need of the hour is an independent and altruistic Telangana political identity. The leadership of Telangana and the people, both should become tough, pragmatic and artful to realise the benefit of the new State, got after such an arduous struggle and with such heavy price. The long lost political freedom to decide their own destiny is back in their hands now. It is up to them to make the right use of it. The definite mandate to TRS in 2014 general elections should be the watershed for such momentous change.The electoral wins for BJP in the Centre and TDP in seemandhra might not bode well for Telangana State. The alliance of the two parties, the sinister nexus of wily ‘Naidu duo’, their influence in the Central government and also the perfunctory attitude of Modi towards Telangana make us worry. That makes Telangana government to be doubly cautious, determined and resourceful to challenge the machinations of these honchos in the coming days.

Courtesy: Metro India

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