A taste of Telangana culture

Organised at Necklace Road, the Alai-Balai cultural festival showcased the region’s varied culture

It provided a window to Telangana traditions. The sprawling Jal Vihar on Necklace Road presented the typical rural ambience of Telangana as the ‘Alai-Balai’ cultural fete was organised on Sunday. On display were both the culture and cuisine of Telangana.

The picturesque spot turned cultural arena from early morning as artistes showcased a variety of tribal dances. Colourfully attired Banjara women cast a spell with their rhythmic movements. Yellow-turbaned youth belted out foot-tapping music, sweat rolling down their bodies as they played the drums. Yonder a group presented the tribal dance, sporting the head gear of wild buffalo horns.

Bare-bodied men had everyone awe-struck as they flagellated themselves with whips, even as a Muslim boy atop a camel kept waiving a green flag. Secunderabad MP Bandaru Dattatreya, the man behind the festival, also joined the dancers and tried to match their steps. Golatalu, sannai vaidam, gondola nrityam, dhimsa were some of the typical Telangana dances which regaled everyone.

The Telangana cuisine was a lip-smacking affair: there were 40 odd varieties of dishes. Nearly 100 cooks were busy preparing Telangana dishes right from Saturday evening. About 50 huge containers and as many bowls were used to cook the fare. All those who turned up were first treated to ragi ambali served in earthen pots.

The non-vegetarian items included thala kura, natu kodi, veta mamsam, mokka jonna garalu, chapala pulusu, egg pulusu, jawar roti, sarva pindi. This apart there was the usual, sambar, white rice, dal and bagara khana.

Source: The Hindu

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