50 Seemandhra doctors on Telangana list, natives fume

By: Kaniza Garari

The Telangana  Gandhi Doctors’ Association has registered a protest with Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan following 50 doctors from Andhra region declaring themselves as part of Telangana.

The protesting doctors claim that though these doctors from Gandhi Hospital were not from the region, they wrongly put their nativity as Telangana.

A list of 560 doctors has been released by the director of Health and Medical Education. The list is now being scrutinised by the T doctors who are checking whether there are false claims being made.

Dr R. Raghu of Gandhi Hospital said, “A person whose primary education has been in the Telangana region from Class IV to Class X will be considered as a native. The rest of them are not to be considered according to the Presidential order. We are hence checking the varsities of doctors whom we know from so many years to have belonged to the Andhra region.”

Additional director of medical education Dr K. Venkatesh said, “The data on the website is taken from the service record of the employees. The service record is based on what the employee stated when he joined service. If there are omissions, then they can be rectified. But there is no clear cut rule yet. It is merely an exercise where all data is being put up on the website for scrutiny and also clarity for the respective individual.”

However, the Telangana doctors are very vigilant and said that once the final bifurcation comes along, they want to ensure that they are in maximum numbers. With this spirit every data on the government website is undergoing a heavy scrutiny.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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