The Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Bill 2013 Full Text

Please click on the image below to download the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Bill 2013 copy

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21 Responses

  1. ashok says:

    wonderful work done asly officials. pl include thelugu version also in the website as early as possible

  2. srinivas says:

    It’s is most unhappy to the people of andhra pradesh. it is due to failure of each and every individual of andhra people including political parties….Any way let’s central need to do justice for andhra people

  3. vamsi says:

    The telagana bill was perfect every topic discussed with committee’s segregated correctly by the central cabinet. Thanks to people of Telangana over 60 years of dreams comes to an end. Jai telangana

  4. sarvesh gupta says:

    dear sir plz give us telangana

  5. saidulu says:

    it is very happy to the people of telangana.

  6. Kotilingal Nagaraj says:

    Hats off mission Telangana! For publishing the draft copy. The way the Andhra MLAs behaved in the house shows their frustration. They are trying to delay the formation of Telangana and enjoy at Hyderabad. They know that even God cannot stop Telangana formation.

    Try to publish Telugu version at the earliest, even common man can understand and is it Thank you and all the best!

  7. sampath says:

    please upload telugu version also…..

  8. Anjaneyulu says:

    Thank you for upload in Telugu Version

  9. ziauddin says:

    sir……please upload urdu version also…..

  10. mutakoduru.ravindra kumar says:

    Plz.includ telugu text vertion kf telangana bill to isly conect to comon people.and it is very greate step

  11. sampathrao says:

    thanks for releasing T bill on the potti sriramulu vardhnthi because he is vibhajana vadhi ,everybody knows he fighted for bifercation of andhra

  12. anirudh tellaa says:

    Jai Telangana

  13. anirudh tellaa says:

    Thank you for the information lets and information plays a vital role in any movement so my heart full thanks for providing the information nd hope this will continue even after the formation of the state thank you jai telangana

  14. Jai Telangana says:

    Now we are getting FREEDOM from Andhras we can get our jobs back, Jai Telangana

  15. Jai Telangana says:

    Now do hard work and stand on your feet Andhras people dont depend on others, these many years you were taking ours support and standing now its time to stand your self and make your reagion develop and one more request dont go to other city’s and say this city is developed by us like you told earlier (Madras & Hyderabad). All the best

  16. k k says:

    Jai Telengana


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