Revanth Reddy govt. deletes Telangana history page from official website

In a shocking move, the Revanth Reddy’s government has deleted the page pertaining to Telangana history from the official government website. The Congress government removed the history page on

This decision, reportedly executed on the directives of the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), has drawn wide criticism from Telanganites. This comes on the heels of the removal of hundreds of videos related to the previous government from two official YouTube channels of the government – CMO and I&PR, about a month prior.

Many individuals in Telangana have expressed concerns over what they perceive as an attempt by the Revanth Reddy government to rewrite the history of Telangana. There are fears that these alterations may involve the dissemination of false information and the omission of crucial events or perspectives.

In addition to these digital changes, Revanth Reddy has made announcements signaling a broader agenda to redefine the symbols and imagery associated with Telangana. This includes plans to alter the statue of Telangana Talli as well as the official emblem of the state. Furthermore, changes such as modifying vehicle registration from TS to TG indicate a concerted effort to reshape the identity and symbolism of Telangana.