Gruha Jyothi scheme fizzles out due to stringent rules and regulations

The implementation of the Gruha Jyothi scheme, aimed at providing 100 units free electricity to eligible households, has encountered significant hurdles and dissatisfaction among the populace due to various issues and ambiguities.

As per recent reports, over 40 percent of connections are unable to receive the benefits due to restrictions, while another 25 percent of eligible beneficiaries are unable to avail the scheme due to implementation defects. Notably, the guidelines issued by the government fail to address individuals residing in rented accommodations, resulting in the exclusion of numerous urban residents, such as those in Hyderabad, from the scheme.

Furthermore, the lack of guidelines regarding household relocation poses a significant concern for those who move residences, especially around the time when educational institutions typically begin their academic year. The absence of clarity on how to update information in such cases adds to the confusion and inconvenience faced by affected individuals.

Moreover, while the government has announced free electricity up to 200 units under the Gruha Jyothi scheme, the ambiguity surrounding charges for consumption beyond this limit raises apprehensions. Many fear being burdened with the entire electricity bill if they exceed the stipulated units, highlighting a crucial oversight in the scheme’s design.

The challenges extend to the administrative level, with errors in registration and data entry causing discrepancies and frustrations among field staff. Instances of incorrect USC numbers and erroneous bill allocations have led to discontentment and protests among affected individuals, exacerbating the operational challenges faced by administrative personnel.