Morally bankrupt BJP vows to defeat BRS in Telangana

The BJP which could not find candidates to contest all the 119 Assembly seats in Telangana vows to defeat the ruling BRS party. It has failed to release its list of candidates to date and kept its candidates and people guessing. The BJP kept its doors open waiting for the rebels and disgruntled candidates of Congress and BRS parties to give them tickets.

It plans to accommodate them all. It even held talks with Pawan Kalyan of the Jana Sena party requesting him to contest the elections in Telangana. The attempt was made only to show that it had enough candidates to fight the elections in Telangana. This clearly exposed the party’s moral bankruptcy.

The BJP is now trying to play the ‘BC card’ claiming to have given more tickets to BCs than the Congress and ruling BRS party. It is a spent slogan and does not carry any weight. The BJP leaders are so overconfident in their strengths that they want to field one Rani Rudrama against BRS working president and popular leader Mr KT Rama Rao in Sircilla. It intends to field Eatela Rajender against CM KCR in Gajwel. In both seats, the BJP is certain to face a humiliating defeat going to the public mood.

The party also plans to field actress Vijaya Shanthi against CM KCR in the Kamareddy constituency. She is no match for CM KCR which everybody knows and the party is sure to bite the dust here as well. Both the BJP and Congress parties are creating such hype using their social media platforms that BRS is going to lose its power. The reality is otherwise indeed.

While the BJP leaders are not aware of the lack of public patronage at the grassroots level, the Congress leaders are out to ruin the chances of their own party. Neither of the party will reach even half of their expectations in terms of seats.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao