Surveys indicate a hattrick to BRS party in Telangana assembly polls

Several pre-poll scientific surveys indicate a great victory for the ruling BRS party in Telangana state. It is expected to win 73 to 80 seats of the total 119 Assembly seats in the state. The India TV and CNX conducted the survey. It says that BRS will command a vote percentage of 43 per cent while the Congress enjoyed 33.1 per cent and BJP just 16.3 votes per cent. The vote per cent difference between BRS and Cong is over 10 per cent which means that Congress is no competition to the ruling BRS party.

When asked who would make a good chief minister, a total of 43 per cent of people wanted KCR as CM while Revanth Reddy got 30 per cent, Bandi Sanjay 11 per cent and Kishan Reddy was wanted by just 4 per cent of people’s support. The survey was conducted across 17,850 polling centres involving 1.12 lakh voters.

A total of 36.9 per cent of voters termed KCR’s work as excellent while 37.2 per cent of voters expressed satisfaction with KCR as CM and his work.
The promises made in the party manifesto such as fine rice to all ration card holders, insurance to the poor, and pension to women have all attracted the people.

The voters find Mr KCR as the most credible person as he promised and delivered the separate Telangana. The subsequent welfare schemes and development such as irrigation projects were most visible and people came to believe in him. In contrast, most of the voters are not ready to believe in the Congress party which promises to give more pensions compared to BRS. Scores of women say they are happy and contended with what CM KCR says and gives them.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao