BRS not B or C team to any party; BJP, Congress are in collusion: KTR

Asserting that BRS party is not a B or C team to any political party in the country, its working president Mr KT Rama Rao has said both BJP and Congress worked in collusion several times. Interacting with the media persons, he said Congress worked with Shiva Sena in Maharashtra. Both BJP and Congress had understanding in Karimnagar and Nizamabad Parliament elections last time. It was Rahul Gandhi who hugged PM Modi. Everybody knows these things.

Mr Rama Rao said the Congress party had no candidates in 42 assembly constituencies in Telangana but they talk of coming to power here. For six decades Congress got a public mandate but they misused it. They did nothing for the people. They could not provide basic amenities such as drinking water and electricity.

It was BRS party that delivered what it promised. The BRS government set up over 200 residential schools for minorities. The Congress used minorities only as vote banks. It was BRS government that gave government jobs on an average of 13,000 jobs per year and a total of 1.30 lakh jobs. The BJP too failed the people across the country. Is it not true that in states being ruled by BJP and Congress, there are power cuts? In Karnataka, farmers are protesting on roads demanding quality power for the farming sector. In Gujarat, there is a power holiday several times. Modi is a great actor. This time, there will be hung at the Centre. People are vexed with the antics of Mr Modi.

Mr Rama Rao said BRS will win over 88 assembly seats this time in Telangana. The party manifesto is found to be more practical and people reposed faith in CM KCR.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao