KTR leaves his mark through innovative campaigning in Telangana elections

KTR leads the BRS campaign from the front taking part in 150 conference calls, 70 road shows, over 30 public and sectoral meetings, effectively used Social Media for campaigning, highlighted welfare and also countered opposition parties, and encouraged the first time voters to cast their precious vote.

In the last 60 days, BRS Working President KTR played a key role in taking forward the BRS party campaign across the state. He addressed massive gatherings at 70 different road shows, delivered speeches at more than 30 public meetings and sector-based meetings, and interacted with the party workers and leaders in 150 conference calls.

Apart from the direct interaction with the people during the road shows and meetings, KTR gave over 30 special interviews to journalists from national and regional media, apart from coming on new age YouTube shows like My Village Show, Unfiltered By Samdish, and radio interviews. In these interviews and shows, KTR was seen highlighting the BRS Party’s achievements, ongoing schemes, and programs that brought a change in the lives of the citizens in the last decade. He spoke about the plans of the BRS Govt. for the state while highlighting the promises made in the BRS manifesto.

Making the most of social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, KTR highlighted the development of the state and also gave powerful counters to the opposition parties. In various posts, KTR appealed to the youngsters to make use of their precious votes in these elections. KTR was seen in special interviews with Jaya Prakash Narayan, Goreti Venkanna, and Prof. Nageshwar, and at the same time, he also interacted with the youngsters who were preparing for Govt. job aspirants.

As a part of his election campaign in Hyderabad, KTR interacted with first-time voters, Gig workers, builders associations, entrepreneurs, businessmen, industrialists, IT employees, women entrepreneurs, SC and ST entrepreneurs and promised to introduce sector-specific programs for the welfare of all. Not just listening to their problems, KTR also assured them to resolve their issues after December 3rd, 2023 when the BRS formed the government in Telangana.

BRS Working President KTR also met people and leaders from various communities and religions and highlighted that the BRS Govt inclusively worked for the upliftment of all sections of society. KTR blatantly attacked the Congress and BJP party leaders for doing injustice to the people of Telangana over decades. He highlighted the opposition parties’ failures and at the same time spoke of how the BRS Govt. under the leadership of CM KCR has resolved basic issues like current and water supply, brought investments, created jobs, and at the same time developed the rural and urban infra in the State.

Even before the election schedule was announced, KTR toured over 30 constituencies and highlighted the welfare and development that BRS Govt brought into the State in the last 10 years. Taking the election campaign responsibility onto his shoulders in GHMC limits KTR took part in four to five road shows in each assembly constituency in a day and highlighted the development that took place in Hyderabad under the BRS Govt. He also mentioned how the Govt was able to maintain peace and harmony in the city with the help of an effective law and order system in place.

KTR was also seen holding conference calls with the MLA candidates, assembly in-charges, party in-charges, war room representatives, party senior leaders, and workers. During these calls, KTR gave the party leaders a direction and also boosted their morale from time to time.