Silence seems deafening as the blaring mikes go mute

BRS Party President KCR Participating in Praja Ashirvada Sabha at Warangal

Nearly one month of hectic campaign for the Telangana assembly elections came to an end on Tuesday evening. There is a high-sounding campaign by leaders of various political parties – BRS, Congress, BJP, BSP, CPI, CPI (M) and several others.

The campaign is marked by high-decibel songs set to folk tunes in praise of leaders and their parties, showering of paper shreds like rain and dancing in gay abandon by cadres, leaders shouting against each other levelling allegations and counter allegations, street corners filled to the capacity with curious crowds trying to have a glimpse of their leaders resulted in a festive environment all over the state.

People for a while stopped their daily chores and attended road shows and public meetings that come once every five years. All these have come to a pause for now. It is just 24 hours to go for the polling. The leaders who were tired of the campaigning are now resting but tensed up assessing the mood of the people and guessing their fortunes on the day of counting to be held on December 3. No party left the stone unturned and did their best drafting all their top leaders and star campaigners. Now they have left for their places.

Meanwhile, the state election commissioner CEO Mr Vikas Raj has briefed the media stating that they have arranged 35,655 polling stations and prohibitory orders were put in place all over the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao