Kaleshwaram reservoirs to serve drinking water needs of Hyderabad in peak summer

Contrary to the Congress government’s purported malicious propaganda against the Kaleshwaram Project, the reservoirs built as part of the mega-project will come to the rescue of Hyderabad in the peak summer season.

CM Revanth Reddy has instructed the officials to chalk out plans to draw water from Kondapochamma Sagar, Mallanna Sagar, and Ranganayaka Sagar reservoirs. Notably, all three water bodies form an integral part of the Kaleshwaram Project, which the current regime is attempting to showcase as a failed project.

In addition to fulfilling the irrigation needs in many districts, the three reservoirs, constructed within a 100-kilometer range of Hyderabad, are designed to serve the drinking water needs of the capital city. Together, the three reservoirs have a full water storage capacity of 68 TMC.

The BRS government has already earmarked 30 TMC of water from the Kaleshwaram Project for Hyderabad’s drinking water supply. Also, to meet the future drinking water needs of the city till 2072, the BRS government has envisioned two projects. One is the Keshavapuram reservoir near Shamirpet and the second one is the Sunkishala intake well project. The Congress government is merely building upon the existing plans to draw water.