Chaos in Medaram: Lathi charge and chants of ‘CM down down’ mark CM’s visit

A series of unfortunate events unfolded during CM Revanth Reddy’s visit to Medaram, causing distress among devotees. As the CM arrived to offer prayers to Sammakka and Sarakka at the Medaram Jathara, devotees experienced frustration when queues came to a halt for several hours. This led to impatience among the devotees, and some began protesting against the delay.

The situation escalated when the police, responsible for managing the crowd, resorted to lathi-charging, resulting in a stampede. Infuriated by this situation, a group of people protested against the police actions and raised ‘CM down down’ slogans.

The conflict intensified when devotees with VIP passes attempted to reach the darshan area from various directions, encountering resistance from the police. This led to a clash between the police and devotees. Questions were raised about why special passes were issued if they weren’t allowed to have special darshan, causing further discontent among devotees.

In the midst of the chaos, some policemen, seemingly losing patience, attacked the devotees. When threatened with complaints to higher authorities, the police responded sarcastically, further provoking the devotees. The situation worsened as the police forcefully dispersed the crowd, leading to a wave of anger and condemnation against the police and the government.

Furthermore, traffic in Medaram spiraled out of control, causing a significant traffic jam from Medaram to Tadwai. Devotees bore the brunt of this mismanagement and experienced considerable inconvenience and hardship throughout the Jathara.