‘Is this Telangana CMO official account or Congress party handle’? Social media erupts 

Social media erupted after a recent post from the Telangana CMO official account, which posted political comments against former CM KCR and former Minister KTR. The official handle shared politically colored statements made by CM Revanth Reddy in a press meet after yesterday’s cabinet meeting.

The Twitter account associated with the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) in Telangana is a key source for information dissemination, being followed by all government entities in the country. The responsibility of managing such an account demands a high level of professionalism. It is expected that the content shared on this platform should maintain a dignified and respectful tone. 

Regardless of the Chief Minister’s engagement in political discussions during press meets, the content posted on the account should be restricted to government policies and decisions. In case the Chief Minister makes an inadvertent error or speaks inappropriately, the individual managing the account should promptly rectify and clarify the statement. However, the conduct of the Telangana CMO account, as observed on this platform, has regrettably deviated.

Surprisingly, even statements that may be considered politically charged are finding their way onto the account. Additionally, remarks targeting political figures like the leader of the Telangana movement and former CM KCR are also posted. 

This tendency has triggered significant criticism on social media platforms. Many netizens are wondering if the official account of the CMO is behaving like Congress party handle.