Netizens lambast Revanth Reddy for derogatory remarks on KCR

Netizens have lambasted Telangana CM Revanth Reddy for his derogatory remarks about former CM KCR in a press meet. While addressing the issue of Krishna water, Revanth used a derogatory Telugu slur to criticize KCR.

This distasteful comment has not been well-received, and many on social media have pointed out that Revanth is lowering the stature of the CM position. Shockingly, this personal attack on a senior politician, who served as the CM of a state for 10 years, occurred in the premises of a secretariat during a press briefing after the cabinet meeting.

Whether it’s a political rally, an official meeting, or a press conference, Revanth Reddy is notorious for making personal abuses targeting his political opponents. Surprisingly, he continues the same behavior even after ascending to the topmost chair in the state.

However, many netizens have observed that Revanth is resorting to personal abuses to cover up his failures and misrule in the last two months.