Telangana turned into a hub for Congress party’s camp politics 

Telangana became a hub for the Congress party’s camp politics. Amidst the evolving political developments across various states, Congress has been relocating its MLAs to Hyderabad. Recently, Jharkhand Congress MLAs concluded a two-day camp and departed on Sunday morning. On the same night, Bihar Congress MLAs arrived in Hyderabad.

In Bihar, JDU chief Nitish Kumar terminated the alliance with Congress and RJD, subsequently forming a government with BJP. The strength of Nitish’s government will be tested on the 12th of this month. To safeguard their MLAs, Congress and RJD are taking measures. Facing political turmoil in Jharkhand as well, JMM and Congress MLAs were accommodated at Leonia Resort in the city for two days. In light of the impending test of strength for the JMM-Congress government on Tuesday, the party MLAs were flown to Ranchi in a special flight on Sunday.

As political crises intensify in different states, Congress is relocating its MLAs to Hyderabad due to the presence of the Congress government in the city. However, criticism has surfaced, claiming that Hyderabad has been transformed into a hub for such political camps.