I am not after any position or power: CM KCR

BRS founder president and CM KCR has said he was not after any power or position now. He said he was satisfied enough in his life as he made his name by securing separate Telangana fulfilling the 60 years of aspirations of the people of Telangana state.

“I fought for separate Telangana and also became chief minister with peoples’ blessings. What more do I need now?” he posed addressing hugely attended public meetings on Sunday at Khanapur, Jagitial, Vemulawada and Dubbaka as part of his ongoing election campaign. Mr KCR said his aim was to relieve the people of Telangana from poverty if he got any chance to serve them.

Also, KCR said he does not want to go the Telangana and its people ashtray after seeing the Congress party coming to power in the fledgling state. His only worry is not to allow the Congress and its greedy leaders to leave the newly born Telangana state in tatters. For more than five decades, the party ruled the state and saw the leaders behaving in utter disregard for the poor people. The people of the state witnessed those “Indiramma days” that failed the people and left them in poverty.

Mr KCR said his aim was to see the state achieve cent per cent literacy and see the farmers sporting broad smiles on their faces. The BRS leader reiterated his appeal to the people not to vote in haste but to think judiciously before casting their precious and powerful vote.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao