Hyderabad sees tremendous increase in groundwater level

Here is the news worth cherishing. Following the initiatives of the state government such as Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, and Haritha Haram among others yielded excellent results.

The groundwater level has gone on up in Hyderabad city. There was an increase of up to four meters of groundwater level in 25 percent of wells and a two metre increase in 33.3 percent of wells. Overall, there is an increase of 69.2 percent in groundwater level. This was disclosed by the Central government in Rajya Sabha.

A study was conducted for one decade from 2012 to 2022 in 55 cities and towns. It has revealed details of the increase and depletion of groundwater levels in seven metropolitan cities and 48 towns. The cities that registered a 0.2 metre increase in groundwater are Kolkata, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

The shortage of drinking water always led to distress in the past with people staging protests. The problem is now solved much to the relief of the people of Hyderabad.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao