Hyderabad Police bust adulterated food products racket 

Hyderabad Police have successfully busted an illegal operation involved in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit and adulterated goods, leading to the arrest of three individuals on Saturday. 

The adulterated products, such as counterfeit hair oil and washing powder bearing popular brand names, were discovered stored outside warehouses in Nagaram and Katedan. Subsequently, these fake items were circulated in supermarkets and kirana stores through a network of distributors and agents.

The accused individuals procured counterfeit branded food items, substandard raw materials, and various packaging materials, including labels, boxes, stickers, bottles, and packing boxes, from locations such as Gujarat, Bangalore, and Delhi. These materials were then utilized to produce and adulterate a range of products, including food items, edible oil, tea powder, soaps, and other general store goods. 

The seized items include hair oil, washing powders, detergent soaps, and cleaning liquids, all masquerading under popular brand names like Parachute, Surf Excel, Wheel, Lizol, Harpic, Red Label, and Brook Bond.