Garden lizards vs Telangana electricity department 

It appears that tensions are high between garden lizards and the electricity department in Telangana. According to the discoms, garden lizards have allegedly disrupted the power supply at various places yesterday.

Both Jagtial and Hyderabad’s Chaitanyapuri experienced electricity outages simultaneously. The power company staff attributed these outages to transformer failures caused by garden lizards and shared photos on X to validate their claims.

In Jagtial, a power outage occurred while officials were discussing the provision of 24-hour power to industries, households, and agriculture. The Superintendent Engineer (SE) and attending electrical staff were taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, while both opposition and ruling party members were seen chuckling.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many highlighting the irony of the SE’s remarks about continuous power supply. In response, the SE issued a press release explaining that an LV breaker tripped as a garden lizard fell on the transformer, causing the disruption. Surprisingly, the TGNPDCL claimed that power was restored in 97 seconds, which led to trolling and satires from social media users.

A similar incident occurred at Chaitanyapuri, where TGSPDCL officials claimed that the power interruption took place because a garden lizard fell on the feeder. In another instance, TGSPDCL’s staff in the DLF Cybercity area stated that power tripped in the locality as a lizard fell on the transformer.

Putting aside the veracity of the discoms’ claims, the garden lizard story has become meme material for social media users. Some netizens brought out their creative sides and made satires on the discoms, as many were already infuriated with frequent power outages across Telangana.