From employee to employer, labourer to proprietor – Dalit Bandhu scripting success stories

The revolutionary Dalit Bandhu scheme conceived and implemented by Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao has resulted in scores of success stories. The scheme brought about a social revolution in Telangana state bringing light into the lives of Dalits in the state. The scheme aims at giving a one-time benefit of Rs. 10 lakh cash to the poor Dalit families to start their own enterprises thus empowering them economically. It yielded good results.

The doubts and unfounded fears were all allayed as the scheme grounded and days passed. It was implemented in pilot mode first in Huzurabad constituency in Karimnagar district. The then collector V Karnan said except for stray cases, over 95 per cent of beneficiaries made the best use of the scheme.

One Pitla Srinivas of Bornepally in Huzurabad constituency used to work in a medical agency earning a meagre of Rs. 5,000 to 6,000 per month. He found it hard to eke out a living. He had dreams of having a business of his own, but there was no clue. CM KCR announced Dalit Bandhu and it came like a blessing to him. “As I am having experience in the medical agency business, I set up my agency. I earned Rs. 5 lakh profit in one year and invested it in setting up a medical shop in a private hospital. My wife and I are engaged in business earning good money now,” he said.

Elderly Matla Subhash of Kamalapur said he was having one acre of agricultural land. But it was far from enough to sustain his family. His son Kishore worked as a centring labour to support the family. “CM KCR sir gave me a cheque of Rs. 10 lakh under Dalit Bandhu at Chelpur public meeting. The officials made me buy centring material. Now my son and I engaged another four labourers hiring centring material and working in the business. I never expected this sudden change in my life. We are more than happy now. I pray god bless CM KCR, sir,” he said.

The state government selected women mostly as they are more committed and determined to make use of the money. There were several success stories of women who transformed the fate of their families not to look back ever.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao